JETCO Express is a logistics company that offers express courier and parcel solutions. Our structure and involvement in every step of the process and our wide network, allow us to guarantee the immediate shipment delivery on same and next day. Our qualified team of experts ensure the efficiency and quality of our services

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JETCO Express is a logistics company that provides urgent and immediate shipping solutions.
Courier and parcel experts, we control every stage of the process supported by our ground and air operations. Thanks to this structure, we guarantee immediacy with a range of services from same-day delivery to next-day delivery at a very competitive price.

One of our core values is our environmental commitment. In JETCO Express, we believe in a clean planet and consequently we use the least polluting transportation equipment. Our fleet goes from bicycles to adapted airplanes that support our sustainable operations

JETCO Express


Our services use the most advanced means of transportation.

With a network that covers both on air and ground infrastructure, we ensure the immediacy of the service with same day deliveries and with minimal handling steps, ensuring the safety of your product.

In addition, our customers can track the status and location of their shipment in real time and can also check the expected delivery time through our online platform at all times.

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Environmental commitment

In JETCO Express, we believe in a clean planet and that is why our environmental commitment is key in our operations.
We have a solid work policy in the entire company structure in order to ensure that our processes have zero or minimum impact on the environment. This policy is based on the use of low pollutant means of transport and an adapted infrastructure and materials.

Our actions:

  • Ground transport: for our own or subcontracted ground transport, we use hybrid / electric vehicles and prioritize the use of both bicycles and electric motorcycles.
  • Air transport: we opt for the least polluting, prioritizing the use of turboprop airplanes and modern turbojet airplanes (VLJ) that have a reduced effect on the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.
  • Packages and packaging: our packaging and bags that are used to protect shipments are made of fully recycled and reusable materials. This way, we have a more sustainable operation and contribute to a cleaner world.


We reduced the distribution chain steps. Currently the shipment process has between 3 and 8 different manipulation steps, that is, from the moment customer submit the request until the final delivery.

Knowing this and its implications, our processes limit the steps to 3 for immediate shipments in the same province and to 4 for shipments between provinces. This reduces unnecessary risks and ensure your product integrity.

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