IMMEDIATE transportation of parts for automotive sector.

Vehicles are reliable companions. However, sometimes unexpected situations occur and cause vehicle malfunction and breakdown. Off-Road Vehicle (VOR) and Super Urgent Off-Road Vehicle (S-VOR) situations require fast and flexible after-market service to supply all repair shops or specialist retailers with all necessaries parts replacement as quickly as possible. This ensures that repairs can be carried out immediately and strengthening the overall confidence of vehicle owners in the brand.

Additionally, manufacturers are constantly facing challenges, such as an assembly line shutdown (imminent). This could arise as a result of interruptions in the standard transportation process or due to mistakes made in the execution of supply chain plans. This circumstance may be caused by the length or increasing complexity of transport chains. For example, suppliers produce individual components in Asia, which are then assembled in Europe, before delivery to manufacturers. Similarly, the increasing number of suppliers spread across the world has increased the need for faster and more personalized logistics services.

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